Wiki software Confluence crack Latest version 2021


Programming presentation:

Wiki software Confluence(Confluence for short) is an expert wiki program. It is an apparatus for information the executives, through which cooperation and information dividing between colleagues can be accomplished.

The intersection is anything but open-source programming, non-business use can be utilized free of charge.

Wiki software Confluence simple to utilize, yet it’s incredible altering and site the executive’s highlights can help colleagues share data, report cooperation, and gathering conversations.

Version introduction:

System: CentOS6.4_x64

Confluence: Confluence-5.1.2

Mysql: MySQL-5.5.33

Mysql driver: MySQL-connector-java-5.1.32-bin

Download link:

http://www.unlimax.com/–>into the download interface (here, the access speed will jump faster)


Installation cracking ideas:

  • Unzip Confluence
  • Crack and install the application
      • Crack the application
      • production key is completed, record the key à close and change the crack script program
      • Start the application service
      • Enter the Key to activate the service
      • Choose the way to install the application
      • select the database used by the application
      • When using a custom MySQL database here, there must be drives like jira and fisheye, because Crofluence has no drives by default
      • create a database
      • restart the application service
      • Connect to the database
      • the following settings mainly load content (I choose Empty Site), user configuration, set Confluence administrator password information, etc.
  • The following will be finished

I might want to say a couple of words regarding this restriction: the extra breaking programming and the Chinese textual style pressure bundle, there are two Chinese text style breaking, ” Confluence-Language-STD-CN” the confinement bundle is fragmented (as demonstrated above) Confluence-5.6.1-language-pack-zh_CN This completed bundle is finished, yet there are numerous modules that are “maimed” naturally. Fish and bear paw can’t have both!

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